Rocknes – 10 years after

17 January 2014

On January 19 it will have been 10 years since the fatal capsizing of Jebsens’ bulkship Rocknes.
18 seafarers lost their lives in the tragedy in Vatlestraumen just south of Bergen. It was a great
shock for all of us and while ten years have passed it is still very difficult to understand that we
lost so many valued employees that day.

Jebsens today held a memorial service in Manila to mark that it has been 10 years since the accident.
A number of family members of those that lost their loved ones and surviving crew members attended the service.
The families of of Captain Jan Aksel Juvik and Captain Hans Buntz will mark the day privately.

Our thoughts also go to the many who assisted during the rescue action 10 years ago, in particular the
Bergen Fire Department, Police and Rescue services. Jebsens therefore has decided to make a gift to the
Rescue Services to mark this 10th anniversary and to show appreciation for the assistance given in 2004.

This gift is also a token of respect for the important work they perform in rescue operations for seafarers along the coast.

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