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Jebsens Orient Shipping Services

Our Southeast Asian / Far Eastern Service

The fast growing regions of South East Asia and the Far East have been an integral part of Jebsens’ business since 1983. Jebsens’ focus has been to service industrial customers by entering into short and long term Contract of Affreightment. The primary commodities being shipped include concentrates, ores, fertilizers, minerals, salt, steel and various grain products, to name a few.

Jebsens has established reliability, punctuality, dedication and first class cargo care as its trademark. Port Captains are employed to expedite the turnaround time in ports. The Jebsens Orient (JOSS) service primarily trades to and from China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Australia (illustrated to the left). Offices in Manila, Melbourne, Princeton (New York) and Bergen make sure that a JOSS contact person is never far away.

JOSS operates a fleet of self-sustaining, geared and partly grabbed bulkers in the area ranging in size from 15,000 to 30,000 dwt.

By utilizing our shipping experience JOSS also actively pursues opportunities in the market bringing together ships and cargoes as an added service to clients in the Pacific region.

The trade manager for JOSS and his team are located in Manila working closely on a daily basis with the other Jebsen offices and an efficient network of experienced shipbrokers and ships agents.



The JOSS Trade