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JebMur Shipping

Recommencing sailings in 2000, Jebsens Transpacific Shipping Services renewed Jebsens’ presence in the trade route between the North American West Coast and Australia/New Zealand where the company’s Pacific trading first began in 1969.

In 2008, Transpac teamed up with Dubai based MUR to form a joint operation called JebMur offering monthly sailings between North America and South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand destinations. JebMur also provides service from the Far East to the North American West Coast and from Australia to North America including coastal Australia on inducement. JebMur is operated by MUR’s office in Sydney and Jebsens office in Melbourne assisted by MUR and Jebsen offices worldwide in shipping centers such as New York, Copenhagen, Vancouver, London, Bergen and Hong Kong. That means JebMur staff are convenient to contact in every time zone.

The frequency of the southbound Pacific parcel service from North America is approximately every 15-30 days covering a wide range of bulk cargoes such as fertilizers, sulphur, rice, scrap, pet coke and soda ash amongst others. Cargoes moving northbound to North America are steel products, wire rods, coal, sugar and various types of ores. The JebMur service concept is based on short and long term Contracts of Affreightment; an area of shipping where the JebMur partners are long term specialists.

The vessels operating the JebMur service are modern, craned and often grabbed bulk carriers ranging from 25,000 to 55,000 dwt in size partly controlled by the JebMur partners and partly time chartered from the market for short, medium or long term periods.



 The JebMur Trade