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Technical Management

The team offers the highest level of ship management services, emphasizing safety, environmental protection and shipboard maintenance at competitive and cost-effective rates.

Ships are provided with full technical support and practical advice from our shore-based management team. They are also provided with the necessary shipboard management systems together with supporting manuals and follow-up routines in accordance with reporting procedures, all of which are part of the company’s Quality Assurance System.
Key services in the technical management package include:Shipman

  • Full technical management
  • Dry-docking service
  • Supervision and consulting for conversions and repair
  • Safety and QA inspections and evaluations
  • Implementation and training of the computerized Preventive Maintenance System
  • Spares, stores and lube oil management and purchasing services
  • Accounting services
  • Running cost budgeting and analysis
  • Insurance and claims handling
  • Record keeping and proper documentation

Certified according to international requirements
Safety Management (The ISM Code) 1997
Quality Management (ISO 9001.2000) 1997
The ISPS Code 2004
Information Security Management (ISO 27001) In progress
EMS (ISO14001) 2013